Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Isabelle Zehnder: Coaching for parents and teens

Isabelle Zehnder is a Professional Family and Life coach and is the Founder of Positive Family Solutions™, and Parents and Teens, Unite!™. Her niche is coaching parents and teens. She offers programs for parents and families who are struggling with teen issues, divorce, blended family issues, and empty nest.

And it's convenient!

We understand parents don't have a lot of time and that the cost of gasoline has gone through the roof, so we offer convenient telephone coaching, eliminating the need for transportation to and from sessions. We have found parents are more relaxed in their own environments and less stressed because it is so convenient.

Imagine this ...

Just imagine what life would be like at home if you had the skills to coach your pre-teen or teen through one of the most complex times in his or her life. By learning to become your teen’s coach you will not only discover how to guide your teen through this most difficult time, you will also build a strong and lasting relationship.

We can train you to be your TEEN’S coach!

As children move into adolescence parents must relinquish their role as managers so that teens can learn to manage their own lives. Having a powerful coach – and who better than their own parent – can help guide teens through this process and can be empowering for both parent and teen.

Why coaching?

Coaching is becoming increasingly popular and for very good reason. In the past sports came to mind when we heard the word "coach". But today coaching can be found in just about every arena.

So we decided, "Why not bring coaching to families?" After all, for most people family comes first. Parents often struggle with pre-teens and teens. We offer a program to help parents become their teen's personal coach. Not only have teens benefited from the experience, but parents too have greatly benefited.

Three Layers of Learning™

Positive Family Solutions™ has found a winning combination for parents ready to delve into becoming their teens’ coach, the Three Layers of learning™.

First, an interactive experience-based coaching relationship is developed between parent and coach. The coach asks the parent for his or her desired outcomes.

Next, throughout the coaching relationship your coach will provide you with learning and developmental tools, including Parent as Coach, written by Diana Sterling. You will then have the opportunity to read, reflect, and observe what you have learned.

And finally, through coaching, weekly reading, and practical homework assignments, you will have the opportunity to immediately put the skills into practice. These skills can then be applied to everyday life.

The benefits of coaching are ever-reaching. While working to become your teen's coach you will find that you too will benefit from the experience. One client recently said, “I’ve seen a positive change not only in my kids but in myself as well.”

We've heard many parents say:

"My daughter feels like a complete stranger" ... "It feels like my son is in control of our household" ... "I am tired of the constant conflict" ... "My family is stuck in a rut and I'm worried there's no way out."

Parents are tired of living under stress, fear, and constant worry about the people they love most - their kids. The good news is families can now get the help they so desperately need through coaching. Coaching helps parents tap into their own intuition to find the answers they need to create the loving home environments they long for and deserve.

Don't wait until it's too late. Many families believed things would get better, and when they didn't, they sent their kids to long-term residential programs. Many families have indicated if they knew then what they know now they would never have resorted to sending their children and teens away.

So why not be pro-active before things get out of hand. If the questions below sound all too familiar call and find out if coaching is for you.

Has your pre-teen or teen become:

- A complete stranger?
- Defiant or disrespectful to you or others?
- Withdrawn or depressed? Does he or she suffer from low self-esteem?
- Unsociable, spending too much time on the computer?

Is your child:

- A good kid making bad choices? Choosing undesirable peers?
- Not working to his or her academic potential? Has he or she become an underachiever?
- Skipping school? Is truancy an issue?
- Failing school? Has he or she been suspended or expelled?
- Sexually active?

Are you:

- Frustrated with your child's negative behavior?
- Concerned about substance abuse or gang activity?
- Tired of the conflict, disruption, and despair?
- Exhausted in your attempts to create a more fulfilling relationship with your kids or grown child?
- Worried your teen or young adult lacks direction for his or her future?
- Stuck in a rut?

Are you ready to finally get the peace you deserve?

Positive Family Solutions is dedicated to bringing HOPE to families! We provide convenient one-on-one telephone coaching, in-person coaching, and workshops for parents, guardians, teens, and pre-teens.

So, what are you waiting for?

Isabelle understands the challenges of today's fast-paced world and is dedicated to bringing HOPE to families - one family at a time!

Call (360) 723-5253 today and learn how you can become your teen’s coach or e-mail us at

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